diana naftan


in search of incredible


visual web designer,
user experience enthusiast,
creative frontend developer.


design concept

In a nutshell this is a fashion e-commerce layout design taking the form of a Business-to-Consumer model website. The overall lines of the project consist in a classic style with a clean design, simple content structure, a neutral color scheme, with the aim of letting the focus fall on the products presented. Navigation is visible, easy to access and clear giving the user the perfect control over the available pages in the website.

layout design concept
is fashion online
Dan Dinu Website


brand identity, design concept, content structure, HTML, CSS, responsive development

The purpose of this website is to highlight the content provided by the old website. Having the user experience in mind, I coded the website to be responsive and adapt to the users's navigation environment.

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photo and travel
My Business List

business list

logo design, layout design, HTML, CSS, responsive behavior

BusinessList is a platform conceived as a Business to Business solution providing clients with the information they need to reach out decision-makers in their target market. The website was conceived to present this product, the way it can be used, and the benefits of using it.

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on company data


brand identity, layout design, HTML, CSS, responsive behavior

This website was designed for a workout studio. The elements that are composing the layout: logo, bold fonts, color scheme, photos, content display are inspired by the core values of this studio: cultivating the will power, the discipline and the active nature of humans aiming to master their bodyies.

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workout studio
The Contact Finder

the contact finder

logo design, layout design, HTML, CSS, responsive behavior

TheContactFinder is a platform conceived as a Business to Client solution providing clients with the information they seek about available businesses. The search criteria are simple: location, proximity, domain, novelty etc. Whether you're new in town and you need some guidance or already a citizen in search for a specific service you can count on this website.

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easy addresses
Despre Nuci

despre nuci

layout design, HTML, CSS

The website was conceived to be a medium for sharing simple plant-based recipes prepared with natural ingredients (vegetables, fruits, beans, greens, nuts, seeds etc) that are delicious, visually appealing and are nurturing a good life. The chosen design abundent in textures, vibrant colors and action plans is proposing a real dive into refreshing nature and healhy living.

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nutritional tips


layout desgin, logo, CSS, HTML, stylesheet, responsive

Eliki was founded with spirited heart and ambitious goal to offer the purest extra virgin olive oil, made in Greece. The design line is ment to sustain the simple production process and the clean quality product that results. The color palette is all about shades of yellow, olive and browns and wants to create a bond with the product starting from the growing phase of the olive to the final form of the oil.

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extravirgin olive
Dianaftan Portfolio


layout design, CSS, HTML

This is the previous form of my portfolio. I created it to be aligned with the printed business card and gave it the form of a very compact and easy to access agenda.

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portfolio on the web
Business Card

business card

design conception, print

This business card was created to give a quick glance at my work and access to my contact details. It was realised with the same color scheme as my website that was online at the 2014 moment.

brand stationary
Mihai Doru


layout design, HTML, CSS, stylesheet

This is a blog with content about improving web development technical skills, personal management tips and team management techniques.

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software bloging
Anais Stationary


presentation design

This design was conceived to be used in a presentation about work process and strategy for mihaidoru.ro. He needed a trustworthy and focused layout to give a shape to his ideeas about getting things done efficiently.

presentation design concept
presentation map


layout desgin, CSS, HTML

Getfresh is the website of a small web agency. Getfresh was in need for a fresh clean look to sustain the name of the agency and the way they work: simple, original, professional.

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webdesign agency
Quick Access


layout design, HTML, CSS

This is a page presenting a script sold on CodeCanyon. Quickaccess is offering the alternative of a menu that remains in the viewport of the screen while scrolling down the content. It is an accessible easy way to reach out into the content of any website.

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quickaccess bar
Gurdjieff Logo

HealthySoil & Gurdjieff

concept design

These are two of my designs from back in 2012, crafted for some contests on 99designs.com.

layout design concept
design concepts

logo design

logo building

Some of the logos I have made more recently were designed for BusienssList, TheContactFinder and Kinesis.

logo design concept
branding design